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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
C180720-1170 Student Services, Micah CTP, Special Programs Instructional Assistant01/17/2019Support StaffSTUDENT SERVICESApply
C180719 Transportation, Buyer 101/17/2019Support StaffTRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENTApply
C180718 Houck, School Office Specialist01/16/2019Support StaffHOUCK MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180717-1164 Waldo, Special Programs Instructional Assistant01/15/2019Support StaffWALDO MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180623 Custodial Services, Custodian 301/15/2019Support StaffCUSTODIAL SERVICESApply
C180715 Harritt, School Office Specialist01/14/2019Support StaffHARRITT ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180714-1162 West, Special Programs Instructional Assistant01/14/2019Support StaffWEST SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180713 Hallman, Instructional Assistant / School Office Specialist01/14/2019Support StaffHALLMAN ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180423 Straub, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffSTRAUB MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180374 Walker, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffWALKER MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180371 Leslie, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffLESLIE MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180362 Waldo, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffWALDO MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180360 Sprague, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffSPRAGUE HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180359 McNary, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffMcNARY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180358 Whiteaker AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffWHITEAKER MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180342 Judson, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffJUDSON MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180333 South, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffSOUTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180331 North, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffNORTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180330 McKay, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180329 Stephens, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffSTEPHENS MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180328 Parrish, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffPARRISH MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180327 Houck, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffHOUCK MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180326 Claggett Creek, AVID Tutor01/14/2019Support StaffCLAGGETT CREEK MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180712 Sprague, School Testing Specialist01/11/2019Support StaffSPRAGUE HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180711 Gubser, Special Programs Instructional Assistant01/11/2019Support StaffGUBSER ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180710 Schirle, Instructional Assistant01/11/2019Support StaffSCHIRLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180607 Scott, Bilingual Instructional Assistant01/11/2019Support StaffSCOTT ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180709 Federal Programs-Title IA Office, Administrative Assistant I01/10/2019Support StaffTITLE 1Apply
C180708 Washington, Instructional Assistant01/10/2019Support StaffWASHINGTON ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180552 Auburn, Instructional Assistant01/10/2019Support StaffAUBURN ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180700 Straub, School Office Specialist01/07/2019Support StaffSTRAUB MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180698 Chavez, Bilingual Instructional Assistant / Instructional Assistant01/04/2019Support StaffCHAVEZ ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180653 Safety and Risk Management, Security Specialist01/03/2019Support StaffSAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICESApply
C180690 Custodial Services, Custodian 101/02/2019Support StaffCUSTODIAL SERVICESApply
C180629-1080 McKay, Special Programs Instructional Assistant12/21/2018Support StaffMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180688 Early Childhood Programs, Pre-School Lead Worker12/20/2018Support StaffEARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMSApply
C180686-1134 Straub, Special Programs Instructional Assistant12/20/2018Support StaffSTRAUB MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180683 Bush, School-Based Health Assistant12/17/2018Support StaffBUSH ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180682 Hoover, Special Programs Instructional Assistant - Bilingual12/14/2018Support StaffHOOVER ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180681 North, Special Programs Instructional Assistant12/14/2018Support StaffNORTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180410 Parrish, Special Programs Instructional Assistant12/14/2018Support StaffPARRISH MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180678 Facilities, Accounting Clerk 212/12/2018Support StaffFACILITIESApply
C180675 Early College High School, Special Programs Instructional Assistant12/12/2018Support StaffEARLY COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180674 Early Childhood Programs, Special Programs Instructional Assistant - Bilingual12/10/2018Support StaffEARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMSApply
C180612 Weddle, Instructional Assistant, Bilingual / School Based Health Assistant / School Office Specialist11/29/2018Support StaffWEDDLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180658-1114 McKay, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Adult Assistant11/28/2018Support StaffMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C180647-964 Parrish, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - LRC11/26/2018Support StaffPARRISH MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C180633 Harritt, Instructional Assistant11/13/2018Support StaffHARRITT ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180611 Weddle, Instructional Assistant10/24/2018Support StaffWEDDLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C180609 Student Services, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 210/24/2018Support StaffSTUDENT SERVICESApply