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ATTENTION: We are excited to announce that we will be transitioning to a new application system this fall. We anticipate the release date of this new system to be November 18, 2019. If you currently have documents saved to your profile, please download or print your documents for your own records (if needed). Your documents and profile information will NOT be transferred to the new application system.

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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
C190516 Technology, Applications Developer 210/18/2019Support StaffTECHNOLOGY & INFORMATION SERVICESApply
C190515 Stephens, Special Programs Instructional Assistant / Instructional Assistant10/18/2019Support StaffSTEPHENS MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C190514 Englewood, Instructional Assistant10/18/2019Support StaffENGLEWOOD ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190513 Cummings, Special Programs Instructional Assistant- Bilingual10/18/2019Support StaffCUMMINGS ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190512-921 Chavez, Special Programs Instructional Assistant / Instructional Assistant10/17/2019Support StaffCHAVEZ ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190511-920 Wright, Special Programs Instructional Assistant10/17/2019Support StaffWRIGHT ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190510 Facilities, Custodian 110/17/2019Support StaffCUSTODIAL SERVICESApply
C190509-890 Parrish, Special Programs Instructional Assistant10/16/2019Support StaffPARRISH MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C190508-902 McKinley, Special Programs Instructional Assistant10/16/2019Support StaffMcKINLEY ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190507-898 Eagle Charter, Special Programs Instructional Assistant10/16/2019Support StaffSTUDENT SERVICESApply
C190506 Waldo, Instructional Assistant10/16/2019Support StaffWALDO MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C190505 Facilities, Project Coordinator 110/15/2019Support StaffFACILITIESApply
C190504 Financial Services, Buyer 110/15/2019Support StaffFINANCIAL SERVICESApply
C190414-832 McKay, Special Programs Instructional Assistant10/15/2019Support StaffMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C190503 McKay, Special Programs Instructional Assistant10/14/2019Support StaffMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C190501 Financial Services, Payroll Specialist10/14/2019Support StaffFINANCIAL SERVICESApply
C190500-246,725,726,728 Student Services, Special Programs Instructional Assistant10/14/2019Support StaffSTUDENT SERVICESApply
C190499 Chavez, Bilingual Instructional Assistant / Instructional Assistant10/14/2019Support StaffCHAVEZ ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190468 Keizer, Instructional Assistant10/14/2019Support StaffKEIZER ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190496 Brush College, Instructional Assistant10/11/2019Support StaffBRUSH COLLEGE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190495 Richmond, Special Programs Instructional Assistant- Bilingual10/10/2019Support StaffRICHMOND ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190494 Custodial Services, Custodian 210/10/2019Support StaffCUSTODIAL SERVICESApply
C190492 Judson, School Office Specialist10/10/2019Support StaffJUDSON MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C190242 Transportation, Mechanic Technician10/10/2019Support StaffTRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENTApply
C190241 Transportation, Mechanic10/10/2019Support StaffTRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENTApply
C190431 North, CTE High School Liaison10/09/2019Support StaffNORTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
C190491 Valley Inquiry, Instructional Assistant10/08/2019Support StaffVALLEY INQUIRY CHARTER SCHOOLApply
C190489 Weddle, Library Media Assistant10/07/2019Support StaffWEDDLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190487 Harritt, Instructional Assistant10/04/2019Support StaffHARRITT ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190484-884 Bush, Special Programs Instructional Assistant10/03/2019Support StaffBUSH ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190281 Scott, Bilingual Instructional Assistant10/03/2019Support StaffSCOTT ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190473-883 Kennedy, Special Programs Instructional Assistant09/30/2019Support StaffKENNEDY ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190470 Washington, Instructional Assistant09/30/2019Support StaffWASHINGTON ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190464 Yoshikai, Instructional Assistant09/30/2019Support StaffYOSHIKAI ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190455 North, Special Programs Instructional Assistant- Bilingual09/25/2019Support StaffNORTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
C190426- 854,845,860 Kalapuya, Special Programs Instructional Assistant09/25/2019Support StaffKALAPUYA ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190453-869 Pringle, Special Programs Instructional Assistant09/24/2019Support StaffPRINGLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190450-865 Parrish, Special Programs Instructional Assistant09/23/2019Support StaffPARRISH MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C190443-858 Four Corners, Special Programs Instructional Assistant09/20/2019Support StaffFOUR CORNERS ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190439 CTEC, Instructional Assistant09/19/2019Support StaffCAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION CENTERApply
C190437 Bush, Instructional Assistant / Community School Outreach Coordinator09/19/2019Support StaffBUSH ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190432 McKay, CTE High School Liaison09/17/2019Support StaffMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C190427-846 Richmond, Special Programs Instructional Assistant / Instructional Assistant - Bilingual09/17/2019Support StaffRICHMOND ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190425-835 Scott, Special Programs Instructional Assistant09/17/2019Support StaffSCOTT ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190421 Eyre, Instructional Assistant09/17/2019Support StaffEYRE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190420 Hayesville, Instructional Assistant - Bilingual09/17/2019Support StaffHAYESVILLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190410 Maintenance, Maintenance Worker 309/11/2019Support StaffFACILITIESApply
C190033-132, 133 Claggett Creek, Special Programs Instructional Assistant09/06/2019Support StaffCLAGGETT CREEK MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C190371-724 Auburn, Special Programs Instructional Assistant / Instructional Assistant09/04/2019Support StaffAUBURN ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C190343 CTEC, Instructional Assistant08/28/2019Support StaffCAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION CENTERApply