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Salem-Keizer Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender, disability, or age in its programs, activities, or employment and provides equal access to youth groups. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policy:

Executive Director of Human Resources
2450 Lancaster Dr. NE
Salem, OR 97305


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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
C170843 South, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/17/2018Support StaffSOUTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
E171617 Waldo Assistant Coach, Wrestling01/16/2018Extra Curricular/CoachWALDO MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
L171616 Walker, Orchestra01/16/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMUSIC PROGRAMApply
L171615 Hammond, Grade 4 ESOL01/16/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHAMMOND ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170660A McKay, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/16/2018Support StaffMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
C170804A Financial Services, Accounting Clerk 201/16/2018Support StaffFINANCIAL SERVICESApply
C170842 North, School Office Specialist01/16/2018Support StaffNORTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
C170841 Liberty, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - EGC01/16/2018Support StaffLIBERTY ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170840 Lee, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/16/2018Support StaffLEE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170839 Lamb, Instructional Assistant01/16/2018Support StaffLAMB ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170838 Highland, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/16/2018Support StaffHIGHLAND ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170837 Englewood, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/16/2018Support StaffENGLEWOOD ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170836 Procurement & Contracting Services, Purchasing Expediter01/11/2018Support StaffPROCUREMENT & CONTRACTING SERVICESApply
C170835 West, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/11/2018Support StaffWEST SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
C170834 Roberts, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/11/2018Support StaffROBERTS HIGH SCHOOLApply
C170833 Keizer, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/11/2018Support StaffKEIZER ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170832 Chapman Hill, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/11/2018Support StaffCHAPMAN HILL ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170831 Brush College, Special Programs Instructional Assistant 2 - Special Needs01/11/2018Support StaffBRUSH COLLEGE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170829 Custodial Services, Custodian 101/09/2018Support StaffCUSTODIAL SERVICESApply
L181052 Human Resources, Special Education - Self-Contained and LRC 2018-1901/09/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
E181051 North Head Coach, Volleyball01/09/2018Extra Curricular/CoachNORTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
L171614 Parrish, English01/09/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherPARRISH MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
C170826 Facilities, Senior Secretary01/09/2018Support StaffFACILITIESApply
PT170825 Financial Services, Business and Policy Analyst01/09/2018Support StaffFINANCIAL SERVICESApply
C170052 South, AVID Tutor01/08/2018Support StaffSOUTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
2017-18 Restricted Substitute Guest Teacher01/08/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHUMAN RESOURCESApply
L181047 Human Resources, District Instructional Mentor 2018-1901/05/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHUMAN RESOURCESApply
L181041 Human Resources, High School, Instructional Mentor 2018-1901/05/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181025 Human Resources, Middle School, Instructional Mentor 2018-1901/05/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMIDDLE SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181012 Human Resources, Elementary, Instructional Mentor 2018-1901/05/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherELEMENTARY SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181050 Human Resources, TOSA Recruiter 2018-1901/04/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHUMAN RESOURCESApply
E171613 McKay Assistant Coach, Baseball01/04/2018Extra Curricular/CoachMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
L171612 McKay, Science01/04/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMcKAY HIGH SCHOOLApply
L171611 McNary, Social Studies01/04/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMcNARY HIGH SCHOOLApply
L171610 Hammond, Grade 2 ESOL01/04/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHAMMOND ELEM. SCHOOLApply
C170816 Transportation, Mechanic01/04/2018Support StaffTRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENTApply
C170209A Maintenance, Maintenance Worker 3 - Kitchen Equipment Repair01/04/2018Support StaffFACILITIESApply
E171609 Sprague Assistant Coach, Baseball01/03/2018Extra Curricular/CoachSPRAGUE HIGH SCHOOLApply
L181048 Human Resources, All Levels Elementary Bilingual Licensed Teachers 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherELEMENTARY SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181046 Human Resources, Secondary, Choir 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMUSIC PROGRAMApply
L181045 Human Resources, Secondary, Orchestra 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMUSIC PROGRAMApply
L181044 Human Resources, Secondary, Band 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMUSIC PROGRAMApply
L181043 Human Resources, Secondary, Dual Language Science 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181042 Human Resources, High School, Behavior Specialist 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181040 Human Resources, High School, Spanish 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181039 Human Resources, High School, American Sign Language 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181038 Human Resources, High School, Computer Education 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181037 Human Resources, High School, Industrial Education 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181036 Human Resources, High School, Home Economics 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181035 Human Resources, High School, Art 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply