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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
L181544 Lee, Grade 1-2 Bilingual03/21/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherLEE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
L181543-1210 Keizer, Learning Resource Center03/20/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherKEIZER ELEM. SCHOOLApply
L181542-1209 North, Learning Resource Center03/20/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherNORTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
L191057-1 Student Services, Speech Language Pathologists03/18/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L181540 Liberty, Kindergarten Teacher03/18/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherLIBERTY ELEM. SCHOOLApply
L181539 Stephens, ELD03/15/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTEPHENS MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
L181538-1204 Stephens, Educational Resource Center03/15/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTEPHENS MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
L91056 Student Services, All Levels, Physical Therapist 2019-2003/11/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L191055 Student Services, All Levels, Occupational Therapist 2019-2003/11/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L191054 Special Education - Self-Contained and LRC 2019-2003/11/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L191053 Student Services, All Levels - Counselors 2019-2003/11/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L191052 Student Services, All Levels - Speech Language Pathologists 2019-2003/11/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L191051 All Levels Elementary Bilingual Licensed Teachers 2019-2003/11/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherELEMENTARY SCHOOLS F/CApply
L191050 Student Services, School Health Nurse 2019-2003/11/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L181537-1203 Highland, Counselor03/08/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGHLAND ELEM. SCHOOLApply
L181531 Career Technical Education Center, Counselor02/13/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherCAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION CENTERApply
L181532-1190 Claggett, Educational Resource Center02/12/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherCLAGGETT CREEK MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
L181530 Swegle, Grade 1 ESOL02/12/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSWEGLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
L181528-1183 Eyre, Emotional Growth Center02/11/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherSOUTH SALEM HIGH SCHOOLApply
L181524 Parrish, Science02/05/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherPARRISH MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
L181523-1179 Pringle, Life Skills Center02/04/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherPRINGLE ELEM. SCHOOLApply
L191000 2019 Summer Programs- Licensed, Internal Candidates Only01/28/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherHUMAN RESOURCESApply
L181515 Crossler, Science01/25/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherCROSSLER MIDDLE SCHOOLApply
L181505-1167 Bush, Learning Resource Center01/17/2019Certified/Licensed TeacherBUSH ELEM. SCHOOLApply
L181479-1107 Student Services, Speech Language Pathologists11/28/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L181434 Hammond / Swegle, Behavior Specialist10/18/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHAMMOND ELEM. SCHOOLApply
A181074 All Levels - Licensed Substitute/Guest Teacher05/01/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHUMAN RESOURCESApply
L181065 Student Services, All Levels - Counselors 2018-1903/09/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherSTUDENT SERVICESApply
L181052 Human Resources, Special Education - Self-Contained and LRC 2018-1901/09/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherDEPARTMENTS F/CApply
L181048 Human Resources, All Levels Elementary Bilingual Licensed Teachers 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherELEMENTARY SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181044 Human Resources, Secondary, Band 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMUSIC PROGRAMApply
L181043 Human Resources, Secondary, Dual Language Science 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181040 Human Resources, High School, Spanish 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181039 Human Resources, High School, American Sign Language 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherHIGH SCHOOLS F/CApply
L181014 Human Resources, Elementary, General Music 2018-1901/03/2018Certified/Licensed TeacherMUSIC PROGRAMApply