Salem-Keizer School DistrictL171584 Stephens, Counselor

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L171584 Stephens, Counselor (L171584)

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TitleL171584 Stephens, Counselor
Posting IDL171584

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  • Temporary, full-time position from February 24, 2018 through April 20, 2018 only
  • Valid Counseling Certificate required
  • Position open until filled



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To be given full consideration, a complete application consists of the following: 


  • Contact Information and EEO section
  • Qualifications
  • Skills - as they apply
  • Education
  • Experience in Education/Employment History
  • Three References (References letters are encouraged, but not required)
  • Complete Confidential Background Information
  • Licensed Application Questions
  • Attachments: Resume and Un-official Transcripts

 Salem-Keizer Public Schools is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.



Shift TypeTemporary
Salary Range$39,507.00 - $77,759.00 / Annual

Applications Accepted

Start Date11/20/2017