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TitleC170116 Crossing Guard
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Salem-Keizer Public Schools is accepting applications for Substitute and Permanent Crossing Guards.  All interested persons, including current district employees, must submit a completed Recruit & Hire application.

All positions require applicants to be at least 18 years of age. Must have the ability to perform job duties in all types of weather.  Applicants must be able to follow written and oral directions and be able to work independently as may be required.

Potential applicants should contact schools directly to find out if Crossing Guard positions are available



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Vary from 15 minutes to 1 hr/day

$11.82 per hour for Substitutes, subject to change
$14.74 per hour for Permanent, subject to change
All paid employees (including temporary and substitute employees) must be fingerprinted and have a district criminal history check as a condition of employment.  The cost for fingerprinting is $59 and the employee is responsible for payment.  Employees may elect to have the fee deducted from their paycheck in one or two increments.



 Salem-Keizer School District is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.



Shift TypeOther
Salary RangeHourly

Applications Accepted

Start Date08/18/2017